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We may not be able to stop the aging process, but we can slow it down with the right techniques to reprogram our bodies to try to avoid lifestyle diseases and improve our healthspan. Start feeling younger today!

How are you aging TODAY? 
Are symptoms of accelerated aging holding you back and making you look and feel older than you are? Do you have: 
  • Poor sleep, insomnia or low energy. Can't seem to wake up without your caffeine fix?

  •  Mood swings, stress or anxiety. Less patient with your partner or co-workers and feel overwhelmed? 

  •  Lack of focus, poor memory recall or reduced mental sharpness. Can't remember where you left your keys or forget appointments? 

  •  Digestive problems, unwanted weight gain or weight loss. Acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation or the dreaded muffin top holding you back from doing fun things? 

  •  Deep wrinkles, adult acne, eye bags, saggy skin, large pores, uneven skin tone or eczema. Do you look older than you really are? 

  •  Poor muscle tone, brittle bones or excess fat. Are you losing muscle and gaining fat or afraid you may break a bone when you fall? 

  •  A medicine cabinet fit for a hospital. Are you taking too much medication causing undesirable side effects?

This is NOT normal aging! My unique system is designed to reclaim the body and mind you feel slipping from your fingers by resetting your personal genetic makeup without surgery, fad diets or magic therapy.

Together we will set you on the fast track to youth preservation for boundless energy, incredible sleep, sound mind, sharp brain, killer sex drive and a body that defies your chronological age. And we will have fun doing it too!

THIS is what aging is supposed to look like!
Here's What You Get 
The most comprehensive aging system to reset your genes to age slower, designed for your specific needs.
  • Easy to read eBooks on the 5 Longevity Pillars: Learn in simple layman’s terms the difference between the five pillars of longevity - Sleep, Relax, Eat, Move and Learn.

  •  Access to Members-Only zone: This zone hosts videos, ebooks and charts to guide you through each longevity pillar step-by-step. Enjoy easy access from your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

  •  Simple, Step-by-Step Guidance: Clear the confusion on the aging process. Learn to develop and test the perfect lifestyle plan to hack your age with fun videos, checklists and calendars. 

  •  Useful Action Plans: Take action by testing out the variety of age hacks in the Action Plans for each longevity pillar to guide you on how to choose the most suitable and sustainable option for your body. 

  •  140+ page Longevity Cookbook: Learn which ingredients are most useful to slow down “inflammaging” (inflammation & aging) and how to integrate them into your daily routine.  

  •  “A Day in the Life of Zora”: I share my daily routines for each longevity pillar to show you how easy it is to incorporate certain actions in my life and to reveal my tried and true techniques that keep me younger.

  •  Special Membership Discounts: Membership has its rewards! Save on this program with special access to my favorite recommended products and services.  

  •  21 Day Younger Skin Guide: This secret guide to Longevity Pillar, BEAUTIFY, is where I share the best tips to looking younger from the outside in from natural homemade products to high tech techniques. 

  •  Access My Private Mobile: Gain access to our private chat group & receive daily motivation and tips. Interact with the most supportive community on aging! You're not alone! This is where we get the right mindset to succeed.
How can I slow down aging?
Believe it or not, YOUR GENES CAN BE TURNED ON AND OFF to slow down the aging process.

We can TURN ON the "good" genes to feel and look younger than we are while increasing our chances to prevent certain lifestyle diseases. However, if certain "undesireable" genes turn on, they can lead to fatigue, weight gain, lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, cancer and a shorter healthspan.

Healthspan is how I measure my lifespan in good health. We can live to 100, but starting from 40 on we may live with illness, fatigue, looking and feeling like crap (i.e. short healthspan) OR WE CAN LIVE THOSE 40, 50, 60+ LAST YEARS WITH AMAZING ENERGY, FREE OF DISEASE and with a biological age much younger than our chronological age.

"Good" genes ON and "bad" genes OFF, get it? I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO CONTROL YOUR GENES.

The Longevity Master Plan is not for everybody.
This program is for you if...
This program is NOT for you if...
  •  You are concerned about aging and lifestyle diseases
  •  You want to take action to slow down the aging process 

  •  You are over 40 years old and want to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging
  •  You are tired, need to lose belly fat, irritable, stressed out, have poor sleep or brain fog

  •  You are confused by conflicting information on aging
  •  You have family members with lifestyle diseases that make you worry about your own destiny 

  •  You want to avoid lifestyle diseases such as Alzheimer’s, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and digestive health
  •  You are in poor health and worried about premature death or poor quality of life 
  •  You are already in good health, but want to optimize it to extend your healthspan 
  •  Want to learn sustainable techniques to slow down aging mentally and physically 
This program is NOT for you if...
  •  You want a quick fix or diet for fast weight loss

     You do not want to make an effort to take action to slow down aging 

  •  You are not concerned about aging

  •  You are not concerned about the way you look or feel
     You are happy with your aging process as is


  •  This is NOT a trendy nutrition and fitness guide forcing you to eat a fad diet and forcing you to go the gym every day.


The Longevity Master Plan was originally created for my private clients who were experiencing the usual signs of aging - fatigue, weight gain, irritability, stress, poor sleep and brain fog. The success we experienced was phenomenal as we don't solely focus on nutrition and exercise, but deal with other major factors (even more important ones) like sleep, stress and the mind.
My goal is to give you real techniques and simple age hacks that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life to fit your needs and genetic makeup. Not all of us can live on a mountain making green smoothies and chanting "om" all day long. Let's get real. 
This Program Is Designed For You
You know I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all to aging gracefully, nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. 

We all may have 99.9% of the same DNA, but it's that 0,1% that makes us all unique. We will find that pefect fit for you together!

When it comes to your healthspan, I believe you should start with smart, science-backed basics, be open to natural non-invasive alterntives, self experiment, measure, monitor, tweak and then create the plan that works best for your body and needs.

That’s exactly what I had in mind when I created the Longevity Master Plan. It’s easily customizable, so whether you’re taking it slow to learn the basics or 100% ready to put the brakes on hard on aging, I’ve got you covered!
I will teach you why aging accelerates in our busy modern day world and how to self-diagnose where you are aging too quickly and where small changes in your lifestyle can have a mega impact on your lifespan, but more importantly, your healthspan. 

I know what it's like
You may be self-educating yourself, as have I for the past 20 years. But if not, rest assured that you are  being fuelled by the wisdom that comes through extensive personal experience and research. 

I have been studying aging and longevity most of my life, but even more seriously after my mother passed away prematurely from breast cancer when I was in my 20s.  

I have gone through the whole health and fitness rage (hey, I was born in Los Angeles. It’s in my L.A. DNA) from aerobic instructor certification to  kinesiology research to studying nutrition science not only to learn more about my own body and how I can avoid a destiny that I thought was programmed in my genes, but to better serve others in their journey into aging.
I have designed the Longevity Master Plan to guide you to find the best way to hack your age and prevent accelerated aging. 

Private clients pay thousands for the same concepts and advice you'll receive inside my easy-to-follow program. 
Look What People Are Saying About The Longevity Master Plan...
I love following my health guru "Zora the Explorer" and her advice on health, nutrition, workout, and how to look your best at any age. I've always been pretty healthy, but through Zora's guidance, I soon realized I wasn't always getting enough protein with my meals. I love her ideas for new recipes, and I try hard to implement healthier choices in my family's life. 

Thank you, Zora, for being so passionate about health, aging and for always sharing with all of us!
Ingela Lindstrom 
51, entrepreneur & mom of 3 - Sweden
Zora gives amazing guidance and she answers any questions you have. She offers great tips, recipes and advice and tailor makes the whole process about you and your body as she says "we are all different"!
And of course, it's all done in the Most healthy way.

Thank you so much, Zora you really make the process a reality through positivity and fun!
Laurie Tushia 
50, world traveler & mom of 2 - UK
Zora literally transformed my body in 90 days. I learned how to eat the right way and with only 7 minutes of training every morning I lost 13 kilos in 3 months and reduced my fat % by 30%. 

At that time I broke the 90 kilo wall and felt healthy with more energy than ever. 

But that didn't stop there, that was 2 years ago and counting! I have since kept my weight and feel active, younger, healthy and still enjoy food, my family and so many activities
Sergio Schuster Muñoz 
37, Director - Spain
Zora walks the talk! 

She is a role model that leads by example and manages to find an infinite way to make healthy eating & living practical and not boring. 

If you want a cheerful person to help you transform and make life-changing habits, talk to Zora!

John Ho 
38, entrepreneur - Hong Kong 
Which program is right for you?
With the Longevity Master Plan you will be able to...
  •  Hack your age. Learn practical and sustainable techniques to integrate in your life that defies your chronological age by resetting your genes. Your biological age will decrease making you look and feel younger than you are!

  •  Wake up in the morning with renewed energy. No longer rely on coffee to start your day, and start drinking coffee or tea just because you like it, not because you need it

  •  Fall asleep quickly. Enjoy a quick drift off to la-la land and stay there all night without waking until your programmed circadian rhythm wakes you

  •  Wean yourself off medication. As your body gets stronger and younger, you may no longer need the stockpile of medications you are taking. Say goodbye to unpleasant side effects from your pills

  •  Lose unwanted body fat. Sleep and stress management are just as important as eating the right anti-aging foods and moving your body the way it is programmed to in order to increase muscle mass and burn stubborn belly fat and tone bingo wings

  •  Look years younger than you are. You may notice fewer wrinkles, firmer skin and muscle tone, thicker hair, less body fat, clearer skin and stronger nails. As the years pass, friends may comment that you are getting younger as you age

  •  Feel happier and more calm. As you learn to manage stress, you gain new perspectives on your life to feel more fulfilled and happy

  •  Wake up with purpose. Finding a path and new purpose at each stage of your life slows down physical and mental aging too!

  •  Feel 21, 31, 41... again. As you reset your genes, you will find energy to do things that you haven’t done in years or start new activities that you may not have had the strength to do in the past...and keep it that way!

  •  Revitalize your brain. Recall names, recognize new faces and calculate faster than your kids. Your brain shoots to be sharp as a tack and faster than a speeding bullet

  •  Re-ignite your love life. No doubt that sex gets better with long as you are hacking it. New energy, new zest for life and a refurbished body increases vitality and sex drive. Watch out!

  •  Wear those sexy jeans again. Pull out your favorite jeans or that little black dress you haven’t worn in years. Feeling and looking younger gives you a license to wear them again and go shopping for new clothes! 

  •  Inspire those around you. Hacking your age is contagious and those you care about most will be influenced by your newer younger self. You will be an inspirational spark to those around you

  •   Age slower for the rest of your life. I teach you techniques that are sustainable all year round. No more fad diets or 28 day resets. These age hacks are keepers. 
With the Longevity & Beauty Master Plan receive ALL the benefits of the ORIGINAL Longevity Master Plan PLUS...

  •  Rejuvenated Skin. The 21 Day Younger Skin Action Guide reveals how to choose or make your own skincare for both body and face as well as how to create your personalized skincare routine to preserve the youth of your skin and turn back time. 

  •  Get The Support You Need. Access to the secret Whatsapp chat group brings you into the most supportive aging community in real time. 

  •   Lengthen your healthspan. Living longer is great, but living longer free of disease, fatigue, pain and illness is even better. Stick around for your grandkids and keep up with them too!

The most comprehensive package for those who want instant results and the whole story on age defying techniques. This package includes all the benefits of the Original Longevity Master Plan, plus access to all my tips for secret pillar BEAUTIFY

Access my e-book on how to choose the best skincare for your skin type, what to avoid and what really works. 

You also receive the 21 Day Younger Skin Action Guide to share with you my own beauty secrets and how to implement a healthy skin care routine to preserve the youth of your skin and turn back time.

The big bonus here is access to my private mobile group chat. This is our secret haven where you find real time support you need for your longevity journey. 

Ask me and our age disrupting community anything at anytime. We are all on this journey together and love to share our secrets with one another. 

Discover the BIG SECRET to youth preservation
Now only $109
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Now only $109
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I encourage you to download the program now, before the packages run dry. I can only offer a certain number of them and there is no better time to start defying your age than the present!

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